Post doc radarteknologi

Post doc radarteknologi

23. april 2014

We are looking for a Post Doc Candidate in Microwave Radar Instrument Development.

Norut (Northern Research Institute) is a Norwegian research institute with a multidisciplinary approach to technology and social sciences. Norut conducts research funded by the public sector and private companies as well as international organisations. Norut currently has 130 employees.

Norut Tromsø is located in Tromsø Science Park.  A main activity at Norut Tromsø is Earth Observation (EO), with focus on satellite remote sensing, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and climate and environmental monitoring.

The EO department has long experience with earth observation from satellite based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). In recent years there has also been widespread activity in the use of UAS for research and development of civilian applications. The systems are designed as low cost platforms instrumented to serve specific applications such as environmental monitoring, sea ice characterisation and oil spill detection and monitoring.

The UAS group started operating UAS’s in 2007 and have now a fleet of UAS systems ranging from small quad copters to 60 kg fixed wing aircraft. Our focus is on developing remote sensing services based on UAS platforms. We develop and integrate sensor systems as well as software for data analysis for a wide range of applications. We mostly focus on northern regions, though we have operated in Antarctica and in tropical rain forests.

Currently we have projects on whale, seal and penguin detection, vegetation properties, renewable energy, snow mapping, snow avalanche assessment and documentation of cultural heritage sites. One major activity is measurements of sea-ice properties and detection and tracking of icebergs using radar sensors and novel signal processing techniques.

We are therefore now increasing our activities within radar instrument development for use in small UAS. Accordingly, we are looking for a Post Doc level scientist with special skills in microwave radar instrumentation/hardware development to conduct research and development of UAS-based instrumentation.

The Post Doc position is associated with the Research Centre of Arctic Exploration (ARCEx).  UiB / UiO / UNIS / NTNU / Norut / UiT is a scientific partner with ARCEx, which aims at improved knowledge of petroleum resources in northern and Arctic areas. ARCEx aspire to provide essential knowledge and methodology for eco-safe exploration in the high north. The Research Centre for Arctic Exploration is led by UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, funded by the Research Council of Norway, and its strength is also represented by the significant cooperation amongst the 10 academic and 8 industry partners. 

For more information contact:

Research Director Kjell Arild Høgda

Phone +47 93418859 / E-mail or

Senior Scientist Rune Storvold

Phone +47 93416169/E-mail

Deadline open until position is filled. 

Candidates finishing their PhD during 2014 will be regarded qualified for the position if the PhD degree is defended before the appointment time.