Value added in the Norwegian Bioeconomy (8/2017)

Value added in the Norwegian Bioeconomy (8/2017)

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The Biosmart project ( will establish knowledge and support for the development of a profitable and sustainable Norwegian bioeconomy, and especially for integration across the traditional sector barriers.

This report contributes to the project by presenting the status and recent trends in value added in the Norwegian bioeconomy. It introduces a classification system for the different segments of the bioeconomy based on official statistics and the industry classification system used by Statistics Norway, which also is compatible with the NACE system of Eurostat.

Value added for different bioeconomy industries for 2014 as well as development since 1970 is presented for the national level. It further includes how wage costs, operating surplus and subsidies varied across the bioeconomy sectors in 2014 and within them the latter years. The absolute and relative importance of the bioeconomy sectors in the Norwegian counties is also included.

The biggest bioeconomy sectors in Norway in terms of value added are Food products, beverages and tobacco, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wood and wood products except furniture (from 2014 numbers). Wage costs, operating surplus and subsidies make up very different shares of value added in the industries.

All the industries have experienced considerable fluctuations in value added over the last four decades. However, the trends are in particular that Aquaculture and Fisheries have grown a lot. Forestry has also grown, as has Agriculture. Textiles, wearing apparel and leather goods is the sector that has a marked reduction in value added over time.

The value added in the nine bioeconomy sectors reported here made up 3.7 % of Norway’s total value added in 2014. This is a lower bound for the value added of the Norwegian bioeconomy. Many sectors of the national accounts of Statistics Norway include both bioeconomy and non-bioeconomy industries and are therefore not included here. The bioeconomy sectors’ value added differs a lot between the counties of Norway, both in sum and in what sectors that are dominating.

Contact persons: Heidi Rapp Nilsen, Norut’s project Manager for Biosmart; Eirik Mikkelsen, report author.