Material technology

Material technology

29. oktober 2004

The material technology group performs research and development activities for trade and industry and central and local government.

The group`s areas of activity are as follows:

  • Decay of concrete structures
  • Maintenance, repair and strengthening of concrete structures
  • Corrosion protection and surface treatment
  • Concrete technology
  • Composite, materials
  • Metallurgy and welding

Research and development
The group`s research and development tasks are performed at times within European Union projects and under strategic institute programs. This work is mainly related to maintenance and repair of concrete structures subjected to reinforcement corrosion. The group has built up a significant competence at the interface between electrochemistry, concrete technology and inorganic chemistry in order to achieve the best possible results in this research work.

Contract-oriented research
Contract-oriented research is performed for private and government agencies within all of the group`s fields of expertise. This includes planning and developing projects in cooperation with our customers. In addition we often assist our customers with preparation of applications for funding of topical projects via policy organisations (Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway, district development program in Northern Norway, etc).

Laboratory facilities and measurement equipment
Norut Narvik owns advanced laboratory equipment for chemical analysis and investigations of corrosion processes for metallic material, as well as field equipment for registration of corrosion activity on concrete structures.