Creation of a cluster?

Creation of a cluster?

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SF 12/2005

Pull-factors and obstacles in the establishment of a formalised network - The case of the marine biotechnology industry in North Norway.

This report documents the first phase of a cluster development process. The case is the aquaculture- and fisheries related biotechnology industry in North Norway.

In January 2004, Bioklynge Nord (Biocluster North) initiated the mobilisation of supporting actors to the cluster development process. The Bioklynge Nord project leader established a Resource Group and recruited a Process Leader. In November 2004, the industry actors were summoned to a first in a series of process meetings. A forum was established, as an arena for the industry actors to meet and interact.

Since then, significant changes have taken place. Even though it is too early to call the marine biotechnology industry companies a cluster, there is definitely a network of companies, some more active and dedicated to the process than others. The analysis demonstrates that the public support system has had an important role. The cluster development process is still dependent on a supportive system, however, the industry actors have to an increasing degree taken on responsibility for the process to continue.

The entrance to 2006 demarcates a new phase in the cluster development process. The industry actors have taken over some of the seats in the Bioklynge Nord Board, and thus, they are in the position to define the further direction of the process.