Markus Eckerstorfer

  • Snow avalanche detection using space-borne SAR sensors
  • Snowpack parameter retrieval using drone-borne UWB radar
  • Field investigation of physical snow properties (in snow avalanche debris)

from 2013: Research Scientist at Norut (100%)

2017-2018: Adjunct Associate Professor at UNIS (10%), responsible for development of an arctic natural risk management course at MSc-level within the Arctic Safety Centre

2015: Adjunct Associate Professor at UNIS (20%), responsible for development of AG-346

2009-2012: Ph.D. in Physical Geography / Periglacial Geomorphology, University Centre in Svalbard and University of Oslo, Norway. Thesis title: Snow avalanches in central Svalbard: A field study of meteorological and topographical triggering factors and geomorphological significance.

2012: Professional member of the American Avalanche Association

2012: Visiting Scholar, Avalanche Lab, Montana State University

2012: Level II, Avalanche processes and leadership course, American Avalanche Association

2009: Pedagogical basic competence, University of Tromso

2008-2009: Research assistant, University Centre in Svalbard, Norway.

2007-2008: Cartographer at the Tyrolean Avalanche Warning Service, Austria.

2007: M.Sc. (Magister study) in Cartography and Geoinformation, Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna, Austria. Thesis title: “Cartographic analysis of avalanche hazard maps.”


I am currently using SAR data from the Sentinel-1 radarsatellite constellation to monitor avalanche activity in selected avalanche forecasting regions in Norway, as well as to quantify the magnitude of avalanche cycles during catastrophic events worldwide. My main focus thereby lies in assisting public avalanche warning services with spatio-temporal information on avalanche activity.