2. desember 2008

Norut’s Department of Industrial and Medical Biotechnology (BIO) is currently under development. First step has been to establish Barents Biocentre Lab.

This is a business oriented initiative based on the R&D needs of the companies Norut shall collaborate with.

Barents Biocentre Lab
Barents Biocentre is a new centre for biotechnology at the Tromsø Science Park. The lab opened summer 2012.

The BB Lab is a joint initiative by the University of Tromsø, the North Norwegian business sector, Norinnova Technology Transfer and Norut.

Barents Biocentre Lab homepage

The BB Lab offers modern laboratories featuring state-of-the-art equipment to established companies and new ventures. The objective is to provide the best framework conditions for the development of new companies and jobs within the biotechnology sector.

International collaboration partners

Contact info
Barents Biocentre, tel (+47) 95 33 33 35