Internasjonal Kaldt klima-konferanse

Internasjonal Kaldt klima-konferanse

6. februar 2014

Delta på den internasjonale konferansen om kaldt klima 26-28. mai 2014 i Narvik.

We invite you to consider submitting an abstract at and joining us at the International Conference on Cold Climate Technology 2014 (ICCCT2014) 26 - 28 May 2014 in Narvik, Norway.

Industrial activity is increasing in cold regions, and unique technological challenges persist to operations in this environment. ICCCT is a research and development forum for the exchange on challenges, progress and innovative solutions related to the presence of ice, darkness, low temperatures and harsh climate, and vast distances.

Please see the conference web page for more details:

ICCCT2014 will focus on the following topics:

  • Winterization, including
    • Wind protection barriers
    • Snow drift
  • Technologies for cold climate conditions, including
    • Concrete in cold climates
    • Energy efficiency in buildings
    • Performance of renewable energy systems
  • Atmospheric and sea spray icing, including
    • Solutions for avoidance
    • Detection technologies
    • De-icing
  • Sea ice and freshwater ice mechanics and properties, including
    • Consolidation and properties of brash ice
    • Properties of pressure ridges
    • Ice-structure interactions and loads
  • Energy efficient operations in ice-covered waters, including
    • Measurement systems
  • Challenges and solutions for operations in the high north, including
    • Policy measures
    • Pathways to innovation