Earth Observation

Earth Observation

26. juni 2007

Special skills are related to signal analysis and image processing, particularly related to:

  • Detection of wind and waves at sea
  • Mapping of snow and ice
  • Mapping of vegetation
  • Mapping of the environment and resources
  • Climate and periodic changes

The Earth Obervation group has largely worked with data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), but also has long experience with optical and atmospheric instruments.

Key skills have been successfully applied to data generated by other imaging instruments such as rontgen and acoustics.

In recent years there has also been widespread activity in the use of unmanned aircraft for remote sensing.

The group has recently become particularly engaged in several major EU projects, and has functioned as coordinator for EnviSnow, FloodMan and Eniwave, among others. In addition, the group has been engaged in a number of major projects initiated by the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Space Centre and the Euro Space Agency (ESA).